Hair Loss / Thinning

Treatments for hair lossEveryone loses hair. On average we lose around 100 to 150 hairs a day, from washing, blow drying and brushing our hair daily. Our hair grows in cycles and part of this cycle is to 'shed' and 'grow' new hair. This is completely normal.

However, excessive hair loss can be distressing and hard to come to terms with, causing anxiety and stress.

Listed below are some of the common reasons for excessive hair loss or thinning;

  • Family history. In most cases, hair loss is inherited. It can be passed down from one or both parents. This is termed male or female pattern hair loss.
  • Drug treatments, for example chemotherapy.
  • Stress, including physical or emotional stress.
  • Some diseases, for example thyroid deficiencies or injury or illness.
  • Damage to your hair itself, for example using hair straighteners or constant tight ponytails. Even hair dyes can cause damage.
  • The ageing process. Hair growth slows down as we age. Hair also gets thinner and can become more porous and break more easily.
  • Poor diet, especially not getting enough protein or iron.

With inherited hair loss, men usually get bald spots around the forehead or at the top of their heads, whereas woman can experience thinning all over the scalp.

Generally, with other types of hair loss:

If your hair is 'thinning', it happens gradually over time.
If your hair is 'shedding', it can fall out in clumps, leaving areas of baldness called 'focal' hair loss. If you are losing hair all over the scalp, it is termed 'general' hair loss.

A loss of self esteem, stress and anxiety can result from any type of hair loss and its important to understand what may or may not help to improve the health, strength and thickness of hair.

Treatments for Hair Loss / Thinning:

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