Miguel Mateas

Miguel is a nutritional health professional who has been in clinical practice since 2009 and helped thousands of people feel better since then. Miguel is the Chairman of the British Association for Applied Nutritional and Nutritional Therapy, (BANT).

Miguel specialises in age management or as he calls it 'happy ageing' or 'anti ageing medicine'.

It sounds like Botox® but it basically consists in providing nutritional support so that your body and your mind age more slowly and you’re happier with your appearance and performance as you “grow younger”.

Miguel has developed two 'age management' supplements, that offer sustainable energy throughout the day, clarity of mind and great skin, hair and nails. Based on his extensive research and inspired by the bright colours of nature, these two advanced food-based nutritional supplements, Synergy+ Day and Renew+ Night to nourish, energise and provide beauty from within.

For those serious about 'ageing well', these supplements offer an invaluable addition to any age management programme.

Synergy+ Day

Synergy+ Day is designed to help you sustain good energy levels throughout the day, minimising sugar cravings. Because many of its ingredients have proven effectiveness in supporting energy levels, cognitive / psychological function, and reduction from tiredness and fatigue, some use it as an “pick me up”.  With a mammoth 32 ingredients, the reality is that Synergy+ Day is a lot more than that. It contains a wide spectrum of vitamins including all the B complex (B1 + B1 + B3 + B5 + B6 + choline + inositol + biotin + PABA), with a couple of real VIPs: the highly bioavailable / pre-digested / methylated versions of folate (L-Methylfolate) and vitamin B12 (L-Methylcobalamin). And if you’ve been reading about vitamin D production and would rather have a vegan version, you’re in luck! The vitamin D3 in Synergy+ Day is made from lichen, and it’s complemented with the vegan version of vitamin K2, MK-7 from natto, the traditional fermented soy food from Japan. An amino acid mineral chelate complex (selenium + iodine + chromium + iron) and a brightly coloured rainbow of the highest quality plant pigments (bitter melon + green tea extract / EGCG + resveratrol + grape seed extract OPCs / quercetin + pine bark extract + astaxanthin + piperine) nourishes you throughout the day.

Renew+ Night

Renew+ Night is an advanced nutritional complex that combines a 24-ingredient multi-vitamin and mineral complex with a blend of well researched plant extracts. Because many of its ingredients have proven affinity with skin, hair and nails it can be used as a “beauty treat”. The reality is that it’s a lot more than a that. A wide spectrum of vitamins (A + E + biotin), minerals (chromium + zinc + copper + manganese + molybdenum + boron + silica), amino acids (L-Acetyl-Carnitine) and nutritional co-factors (Coenzyme Q10) plus a rainbow of high quality botanical extracts (lutein + curcumin + pine bark extract + ginkgo biloba + astaxanthin + piperine) nourishes you while you sleep.

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