Hair Growth and Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS)

Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is common. It can cause period problems, reduced fertility, excess hair growth, and acne.

At Face the Future, we understand the complexity of this medical issue and can help support and treat some of the complex issues this condition can cause using the following methods of hair removal.

LASER Hair Removal

Excessive or unwanted hair can be considered inconvenient, unsightly or embarrassing. Often, repeat treatments, such as waxing, plucking and depilatories can prove uncomfortable and, over time, expensive.
Face the Future has three Class 4 Lasers and depending on your skin type and hair type you will be treated with either the Soprano Diode (ideal for lighter skin types) or the Polaris Nd:Yag Laser, (ideal for darker skin types).  In addition we have the Soprano XL Pain free Laser, which is suitable for all skin types and offers a more comfortable method of hair removal.

Laser is an effective way of dramatically reducing and often completely removing unwanted dark, coarse hair.  It is suitable for the face and also all body areas, including the back, underarms, legs and even bikini area.

Laser is incredible effective for dark, coarse hair but what about those patients that have grey or white hairs or indeed, a combination of grey, white and dark hair?  For those patients with combination hair types and colours, we offer laser packages, combined with electrolysis, to give a more satisfactory and complete result.


Advanced Electrolysis is an effective progressive and permanent method of removing superfluous hair growth. By causing controlled tissue destruction at the base of the follicle, electrolysis weakens the hair to inhibit growth. There are three methods of electrolysis available, diathermy, galvanic and the blend method offering a comfortable and effective treatment for every patient with varying hair growths.

Advanced Electrolysis is used to compliment Laser Hair Removal treatments and can be used to remove the stubborn grey hairs that the Laser cannot target. A very effective treatment, that can help consolidate hair removal techniques within the clinic.

In addition, we now have an advanced alkaline wash treatment to reduce the kind of fair, downy facial hair that does not respond to laser treatment.

Alkaline Wash

Alkaline Wash is most effective when treating fine downy hair. Although it can be used elsewhere it is particularly suitable for the face and upper lip areas, where there is often a dense growth of fine hair.

Blonde, downy or vellus hair can be reduced permanently using our Alkaline Wash Treatment.

Alkaline Wash is an Alkaline powder which is mixed into a paste and applied to the skin for approximately 3 – 4 minutes. The paste dissolves the hair and part of the underlying follicle. The treatment is totally pain free.

A pain free and effective way of removing blonde, downy or vellus hair. After the first treatment the hair will grow back at its normal rate, but as treatments progress the re growth will become slower and slower, usually resulting in permanent loss over a period of time.

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