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Laser Tattoo Removal

Our state of the art clinic invests in the latest lasers to offer tattoo removal in Leeds. Our trained clinicians can accurately remove a variety of tattoos in different sizes and colours whether you are looking to completely remove a tattoo or fade a tattoo for a cover up.

Tattoo Removal LeedsTattoos are becoming more and more popular and there's no two ways about it, some of them look fantastic. But what about those tattoos done in haste or those we regret and wish we'd never had done in the first place.

As Laser technology advances, it is becoming easier to remove tattoos but be warned, not every laser is created equal and successful tattoo removal depends on a combination of great laser technology and experienced staff, who know how to get maximum results in the shortest possible time.

Here at Face the Future, we offer both! Our staff are all trained to the highest standard and have a wealth of experience. We also have one of the best Ruby Lasers on the market, the Polaris Q Switched Ruby and are proud to announce our newest member of the team, the Lutronic Spectra Q Switched Yag. This laser is super quick and gives fast results!

There are two main laser wavelengths that will reduce or remove tattoo pigment effectively:

The Polaris Q Switched Ruby Laser is very efficient at removing blacks and hues of blue and green.

The Lutronic Spectra Q Switched Yag Laser is effective for blacks and hues of red and pink.

An initial free consultation will help assess which Laser is most suitable for your tattoo removal and sometimes a combination of both Lasers are used, to give optimum results. When you book your initial consultation, we will guide you through the process, explaining in detail how the treatment works, how it feels and what to expect afterwards. At each subsequent visit we will assess the results achieved and adjust the laser energies to ensure you achieve the optimum results possible.

How does Tattoo Removal work?

The Q Switched Laser energy breaks down the ink particles in the tattoo, which is then absorbed by the body, resulting in a gradual fading of the tattoo. The procedure is quick and though it can be a little uncomfortable, it's easily tolerated.

Results you can expect:

Results are fantastic, with a gradual fading of ink and often a complete removal of the unwanted ink.

If you would like more information, or you would like to book a FREE consultation, call us today on 0113 282 7744 or follow the link below:

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