Open Enlarged Pores 

Multiple factors are responsible for enlarged pores. 
Low levels of collagen production, usually caused by ageing/sun damage 
Excess sebum production  
Thick hair follicles which cause reduced elasticity around pores 
Open pores on your cheeks, nose, and forehead can appear larger as you age, or when your pores are clogged. Keeping skin clean, and avoiding the sun, are two of the best ways you can reduce the appearance of open pores. While nothing actually opens or closes pores, treatments are available that can make them look smaller, giving you the appearance of healthier and more vibrant skin. A large pore is an indication of an increase in the size of the oil glands and oil production, and people with oily skin tend to have some form of acne. The size of oil glands is usually controlled by hormones and an overproduction of oil which will lead to acne. 
For many people, both acne and large pores tend to be inherited and if acne runs in your family, you may experience more severe acne than people without this family history. 
Having large pores doesn’t automatically mean you will develop acne, but because the two are connected, controlling one can help the other. Therefore, a consistent skincare regime tailored to your skin needs, will help to balance the oil production and reduce pore size, alongside professional treatments to enhance the results. 

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