Permanent Diffused Redness

Flushing and blushing, though not really classified as a medical condition, can be irritating. Often hereditary, there are other environmental factors that can make the problem worse.

Ageing, sun damage, diet and alcohol, the rubbing of spectacles, temperature extremes, hormones and skin fragility can all exacerbate the condition. It is commonly seen in both men and woman with pale skins, typically lighter skin types Fitzpatrick Scale 1 and 2.

A combination of skin products and treatments can be used to effectively improve the diffused redness. Skin products to help repair the surrounding tissue and ensure good structural integrity of the skin and capillary walls. Dermarolling can also be used to strengthen surrounding tissue and improve the health and condition of the skin. Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) can also be used in some cases to help with extreme redness, to help eradicate some of the problematic capillaries.

Treatments for Permanent Diffused Redness:

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