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Dermamelan Treatments LeedsPigmentation issues can be devastating for the sufferer and the psychological effects of facial pigmentation should not be discounted.

There are now extremely effective treatments for this problem that will return the skin to its natural even colour and complexion, but sun avoidance and sun protection is an important part of the aftercare to avoid recurrence.

How does Dermamelan Work?

Dermamelan is a dramatically effective treatment. It is a rapid medical depigmentation treatment that is effective in all types of pigmentation problems, even in resistant cases that have failed all other types of treatment.

It can be applied in any season and is compatible with all types and shades of skin. It permits some sun exposure without the risk of recurrence. It is completely safe and the pigmented patches will usually disappear in a short period of time.

Results you can expect:

There are some initial side effects (including redness and flaking) and there is a stabilisation of sebaceous secretion resulting in reduction of any excessive oiliness and improvement of any acne problems. The skin becomes bright, rejuvenated and abnormal pigmentation starts to fade, with results starting to show in just 10 to 14 days.

From the first day after treatment, make-up can be worn, if required, without any problems. Suitable for all skin types this Dermamelan treatment can help reduce pigmentation marks by up to 95%.


Cosmelan Treatments LeedsCosmelan rejuvenation treatment is an effective way of improving the appearance of dark skin blemishes and rejuvenation the skin. It has a very high margin of safety.

How does Cosmelan Work?

Cosmelan works in a similar way to Dermamelan, however it is generally a milder treatment, used for less severe pigmentation or for a general rejuvenating effect.

The main action of cosmelan is the reduction and blending of melanin patches on the face (melasma and chloasma).

Cosmelan depigmentation involves a very versatile, dynamic process, which is easily adapted to the needs of each individual patient.

Cosmelan is suitable for most skin types and for men and women.

Results you can expect:

Skin looks rejuvenated. Pigmentation patches fade and skin takes on an even, glowing appearance. Skin looks more refined and looks smooth and healthy.

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