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Endymed Body Treatments in Leeds, YorkshireThe Endymed Pro is a deep volumetric radio frequency device that stimulates the production of collagen and elastin and works to significantly tighten the skin. It effectively tightens skin on the body and can also be used in conjunction with Lipotripsy to rapidly improve cellulite.

At Face the Future we use the Endymed Pro 3 Deep Radio Frequency to deliver skin & body tightening treatments that offer significant improvements to how the skin looks and feels.

How does endymed for the body work:

With age, natural collagen fibres in the skin break down, causing our skin to become less structured and elastic. Environmental and lifestyle factors such as UV exposure, pregnancy and weight fluctuations can make this worse. Our skin also becomes less efficient at the repair and replacement of collagen and elastin, resulting in sagging skin.

Endymed skin & body tightening is a non-surgical treatment option that involves a form of electromagnetic energy being transmitted to the deeper layers of the skin. When performed correctly, the collagen in our skin will heat up, causing it to contract and tighten. This creates an immediately visible tightening effect after the treatment has taken place. The stimulation of collagen cells provides the added benefit of long term tightening and lifting.

Results you can expect from endymed for the body:

For the very best long-term results, it is important that you are able to commit to this set treatment programme. A course of 6 treatments over a period of 8 weeks is recommended. The first 4 treatments take placeĀ over the first 4 weeks and the last 2 treatments take placeĀ at weeks 6 and 8. Endymed Pro can also be used in conjunction with our Lipotripsy protocol to help permanently remove fat cells and improve cellulite.

Radio Frequency gives us smoother, tighter skin in areas where skin is losing collagen and elastin with no pain or downtime. In areas of problematic, stubborn fatty deposits, fat is broken down and cellulite reduced. The result is firmer, tauter and healthier looking skin.

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