Fire and Ice Facial

Fire and Ice Facial in Leeds, Yorkshire The Fire and Ice Facial is a results led treatment, fresh from Hollywood. The Fire and Ice Facial, also known as the 'Hollywood Red Carpet Facial,' gives skin a real glow. Skin not only looks fresher, clearer and brighter but also feels tighter and smoother.

With a huge celebrity following both in the states and the UK, this is an intensive clinical treatment designed to resurface the skin, reduce fine lines and wrinkles and encourage cellular renewal.

The Fire and Ice Facial has no downtime and is great for helping to tackle skin disorders such as Sun Damage and Rosacea but is also perfect as a pre event facial to give skin a real glow.

How does the Fire and Ice Facial Work?

Fire & Ice is a results-focused treatment designed to help gently re-surface the skin and help deal with excess keratinisation (the build up of dead skin cells). It is effectively a mild peel using 18 per cent glycolic acid with the added benefit of retinol to remove the top loose layers of the epidermis. It makes any loose cells on the skins surface go very brittle and 'pop off', leaving the skin feeling very smooth and soft. It also creates a superficial trauma to the skin which stimulates the skins healing mechanism to boost collagen production.

The treatment includes the peel which feels a little itchy, tingly and hot and a ten minute rejuvenating mask full of hydrating hyaluronic acid and repairing antioxidants. After the treatment skin looks pink, tight and refreshed.

Results you can expect:

Skin feels clean and deeply hydrated, with a visible glow that lasts for several weeks.

A single Hydrafacial treatment is great before an important event, to give skin a real boost.

A course of Hydrafacial treatments has significant benefits to overall skin health. Skin texture is refined, pore size minimized and a bright, clear and glowing complexion is achieved.

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