Microsclerotherapy Leeds Microsclerotherapy is one of the best treatments available for those superficial and unsightly broken veins on the legs.

The removal of these superficial veins does not affect your deep venous system and the sclero solution is quite harmless to the rest of the body.

How does Microsclerotherapy Work?

The tip of a bevelled needle, containing a tiny drop of solution, is introduced into the thread vein. The solution enters the vein, causing it to blanch and tingle for a second or two. This then becomes temporarily reddened, as the lining of the vein is irritated. After a while the sides of the vein will either collapse, or swell and stick together, sealing off the vein and preventing the passage of more blood.

Results you can expect:

The closing down process of the vein can continue for several weeks or even months after the final treatment. The width of the broken vein will determine whether it is necessary to repeat the treatment. Most patients are delighted with the improvement after just one treatment. Minute scabbing or slight discolouration at the injection site is transient and legs may feel a little tender for the next few days.

Introducing our new Registered Nurse & Microsclerotherapy Specialist

Welcome to Carla, our new Registered Nurse, who will be running the new microsclerotherapy clinics for leg veins at Face the Future.

Carla is a Registered Nurse with a BSc in Nursing Studies and Diplomas in Cardiovascular Disease and Diabetes. Carla still works in general practice with patients with long term conditions, promoting health promotion and assessing patients with vascular problems.

Carla has undertaken veincare training at the leading training facility in London and we are looking forward to welcoming a fully qualified practitioner to perform microsclerotherapy in clinic.

Microsclerotherapy is the technique used to treat spider veins/thread veins on the legs. It is a relatively straight forward technique which involves injections (with a very small needle) of a sclerosing drug which irritates the lining of the veins, causing the walls to stick together. The veins then gradually fade and disappear.

Cost per treatment is £155, with a £25 booking fee (redeemable against future treatments).

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