Nd Long Pulsed Yag Hair Removal

Nd Long Pulsed Yag Hair RemovalFor those patients for whom the pain free laser hair removal method is not suitable, Face the Future also offers the Class 4 Long Pulsed N:d YAG Laser (for Skin Types 4, 5 and 6). This Laser is a great option for all skin types, including darker skin and gives optimum results.

Face the Future is the only clinic in the Wakefield / Leeds and Yorkshire area that is able to offer all three of the Class 4, gold standard machines for Laser Hair Removal, offering our patients the best treatment option for their individual needs.

New at Face the Future

Nd Long Pulsed Yag Hair RemovalWe have just taken receipt of our new N:d Yag Laser from Polaris, which has received an update, offering faster treatment time, less discomfort and a quicker result. This is fantastic news for our customers, who get the benefits of the latest technology, coupled with a more comfortable and speedy patient experience.

How does ND Long Pulsed Yag work?

Laser produces high levels of light energy. This light is then absorbed by the dark pigment in the hair, (melanin) and heats up the hair shaft thus damaging or destroying the hair follicle. This results in the follicles inability to produce hair, leaving the skin hair free and smooth.

Hair grows in cycles and for laser to work effectively, the hair needs to be in the ‘growing’, (anagen) stage, of the hair cycle. Hair growth cycles are between 4 to 12 weeks, depending on the area and the type of hair treated. This is why a course of treatment is recommended to get the best results. Usually a course of 6 to 10 treatments is recommended, with some patients, (with medical reasons for excessive hair growth), potentially needing maintenance treatments.

Results you can expect:

Our new laser offers a speedier treatment, minimal discomfort and fabulous results. There may be a little swelling or redness for 24-48 hours following the treatment. The hair may ‘fall out’ 1-3 weeks after the treatment, as the hair is pushed out of the new epidermis.

As hairs grow at different rates and some hairs are stronger than others, a course of treatment is usually recommended, with an average of 6 to 10 sessions recommended. For stubborn hair associated with hormonal hair growth top up sessions may be needed.

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