Laser Hair Removal 

Laser hair removal uses a powerful laser to reduce and remove unwanted hair. This light source heats and destroys hair follicles within the skin, which disrupts hair growth, this is a popular treatment here at Face the Future Clinic. We have a combination of Laser Hair removal devices including Polaris ND YAG Laser and Cutera Excel HR for our Laser treatments, which are effective and safe to use on all skin types. 

 How does Laser hair removal work? 

The Lasers produce high levels of light energy. This light is then absorbed by the dark pigment in the hair, heating up the hair shaft instantly. This light energy has the power to cause damage and ultimately destroy the hair follicle, leaving the skin hair free and smooth. Hair grows in cycles and for laser to work effectively, the hair needs to be in the ‘growing’(anagen) stage of the cycle. Hair growth cycles are between 4 to 12 weeks, depending on the area and the type of hair being treated. Therefore, a course of treatment is recommended for best results. 
Laser hair removal has more than one benefit, although having hair-free smoother skin is a priority, the laser also benefits in helping to reduce ingrowing hairs and skin irritation due to harsh methods of hair removal. Prior to treatment all hair must be shaved, and no other means of hair removal can be used during the time of having laser treatment. 
Laser hair removal is a permanent form of hair reduction. The difference between the skin type and hair pigment, medical, hormonal and hereditary factors, will all effect the end result. This will be discussed further during your consultations as, further maintenance treatments may be required. 
Duration of treatment – Treatment time will vary depending on the area being treated this can range from 15-60 minutes. 
Anaesthesia required – None. 
Downtime – Minimal downtime, the client may experience a little swelling or redness for 24-48 hours post treatment. 
Final results – The client can expect a reduction of up to 80% of hair growth, depending on individual factors. 
Suitable for – All skin types except, blonde, red or grey hair due to the lack of pigment within the hair follicle. 
Prices From £60 
Price dependent on treatment required. You can take a look at our Laser Hair Removal Price List here
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Treatment time will vary depending on the area being treated or if there is more than one area, the time can range from 15 -60 minutes 
As hair grows at different rates and some hairs are stronger than others, a course of treatment is usually recommended, with an average of 6 to 12 sessions every 4-6 weeks. During this time the hair should have reduced and become finer in texture. For stubborn hair associated with hormonal or medical hair growth more sessions and maintenance sessions may be needed. 
The ND Yag laser is usually pain free, due to the speed of the treatment and an air cooler being used alongside the laser during treatment. You may experience minimal discomfort dependent on your pain threshold and the area treated. There may be a little swelling or redness for 24-48 hours post treatment. The Cutera Excel HR Laser includes a cool tip which helps also to minimise any discomfort. 
We use the Polaris Class 4 Long Pulsed ND YAG Laser, this Laser is a great option for all skin types with dark strong hair. The Cutera Excel HR is an Alexandrite which is suitable for skin types 1-3 and ND Yag which offers treatment for both dark course hair and finer hair. Unfortunately, laser hair removal will not work on blonde, red white or grey hair due to the lack of pigment within the hair follicle. 
This will vary from person to person depending on the treatment area and other factors. A minimum of 6-12 sessions would be needed followed by maintenance treatments. 
All areas of the face and body.  

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