Age Prevention 

Age prevention is all about looking after your skin and maintaining the skin you’re in. With the use of specialised treatments, a consistent pharmaceutical grade homecare regime suited to you and supplements to take care of your skin from the inside out, and a healthy balanced diet and lifestyle, you’re sure to be having good skin days every day. 
It’s a well-known fact the biggest factor in ageing is sun exposure (UV radiation). Whether that’s sunbed use or just being in the sun unprotected for periods of time, this can lead to premature aging. Genetics can also play a role in how the skin ages overtime; this is known as “intrinsic ageing”. 
But there are also other elements that can add to this including pollution, diet, lifestyle factors, stress levels, disease and medications. 
SUN EXPOSURE – UVA rays are known as the ageing rays that attack skin all year round and can penetrate through glass, so ensuring sunscreen is worn on a daily basis and more often in summer months will protect against this. 
POLLUTION – pollution effects the skin barrier function, breaking down collagen and lipids contained within it. 
DIET – foods with high sugar, salt or saturated fats are all bad for the skin and although all foods can be eaten within a balanced diet, it should be monitored and used with appropriate portions sizes. 
SLEEP – when we sleep, skin begins to repair and regenerate and lack of sleep impacts of skin’s ability to heal wounds and improve signs of dehydration. 
STRESS – everyone’s stress levels are different but stress itself can cause a multitude of problems, including acne flare ups. 
MEDICATIONS – many drugs can cause skin irritation. 
SMOKING, DRUGS, ALCOHOL CONSUMPTION – all of these are damaging toxins that affect the appearance of the skin, including dehydration, dull, dry, lifeless skin. 

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